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A petrified woman captured the terrifying moment a swarm of bees descended in their thousands on her back garden in rural Yorkshire.

Rosalind Ross, 49, got the shock of her life when the insects filled the skies like a plague of locusts outside her home in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire.

The insurance worker, who has a fear of insects, rushed to shut all the windows in her home before filming the invasion from her conservatory where she was sat with her husband, Andrew.

The honey bees stayed in her garden, around 1.2 miles east of Hebden Bridge, for about 15 minutes before they buzzed off.

In the clip the bees can be seen circling in great numbers in apocalyptic scenes reminiscent of 1978 classic The Swarm.

Read more: Swarm of 20,000 bees chases car around UK for 2 DAYS after 'queen gets trapped in boot' Speaking of the incident, Rosalind told The Mirror: "Andrew kept saying there looks to be a load of midgets outside in our garden.

"I chose to ignore it as I'm not keen on anything that flies, unless it's aeroplanes.

"He said it about 3 times, so I turned around to have a look and got the shock of my life.

Bradford Crane and army general Thalius Slater join forces to fight an almost invisible enemy threatening America; killer bees that have deadly venom and attack without reason.

Disaster movie-master Irwin Allen's film contains spectacular special effects, including a train crash caused by the eponymous swarm.

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Synopsis: Killer bees from South America have been breeding with the gentler bees of more northern climes, slowly extending their territory northward decade after decade.

Entomologist Brad Crane has discovered that something is making them come together in huge, killer swarms.

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