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You can choose your language settings from within the program.When I first heard that 'Star Trek: The Original Series' would be undergoing a 'Star Wars'-style complete digital makeover, in which all of its 1960s model and miniature special effects would be replaced with modern CGI, frankly I was appalled at the news.I outright despise the tinkering that George Lucas has imposed on 'Star Wars', and refuse to watch those movies in anything other than the original theatrical versions as I first saw them.And now the same was going to happen to 'Star Trek'?Doesn't everyone realize that its datedness is a big part of the charm and appeal of 'The Original Series'?The miniskirts and crazy costumes, the chintzy sets, goofy monster makeup, and hambone theatrical acting -- these are all things to cherish.'Star Trek' is a product of its era, and should remain so. Images from the new "Remastered" versions of the episodes were released, and they didn't look so bad.Statements by those implementing the changes (including renowned 'Trek' experts Michael and Denise Okuda, writers of many 'Trek'-related books and the pop-up trivia tracks accompanying earlier DVD releases of the shows and movies) actually made some good, valid points about the work they were doing and the need for it.

Here's the difference between the revised versions of 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars': The people updating 'Star Trek' aren't trying to change everything.

Although the prints have been cleaned and the visual effects modernized, there are no goofy flying robots buzzing around scenes just to show off, no crappy deleted scenes that should remain on the cutting room floor needlessly reinstated, and no significant alterations made to the plot or the fundamental personalities of the characters.

This is still 'Star Trek' as Gene Roddenberry envisioned it in the 1960s.

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