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"South Park" is an animated satire that has been a staple of Comedy Central's lineup and of American pop culture since its debut in 1997.

It follows the surreal adventures of elementary school friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovsky, Eric Cartman, and Kenny Mc Cormick in the small town of South Park, Colorado. Cartman is obnoxious, fat, and lewd, especially to Kyle, who is Jewish, but tolerated anyway.

Kenny is poor and, muffled by his over-sized parka, can't really speak.

In a popular running-gag, he was killed in every episode in seasons one through five.

They are joined by a large cast of peripheral characters including peers, parents, teachers, others in their small town, Jesus, and Satan.

You get this episode of "South Park," which has Stan making a video to stop bullying, even though he may have ulterior motives. In this special holiday episode of "South Park," Cartman wavers between Easter and Passover as he invents a fictional monster called the "Jewpacabra" in order to scare kids away from the egg hunt. Louis CK and Isabella Rossellini probe the dream worlds of David Lynch.The show is famous as an equal-opportunity offender, frequently employing crass language, gruesome violence, and sex, and not shying away from mocking any institution or religion, including entire episodes devoted to mocking the theology of Mormons and an attack on the Church of Scientology.When Isaac Hayes, a practicing Scientologist and voice of the major(and popular)Chef character, threatened to resign the show if the Scientology spoof was aired, Parker and Stone aired it anyway, then had Chef suffer a horrible death at the hands of a devious cult in a later episode.

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