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To Zeno’s surprise, Shina suddenly took some rope and tied him up.Kija and Jeha can only call out to Zeno as Shina starts to carry Zeno off. Haku says that in short, they know that the current situation is very bad.Zeno said that he suddenly used this trick, and honestly, he doesn’t have any trick if Shina do this kind of thing because he is very weak. Yona tells Yun to cheer up for look, she got a bear for him. Yona says that it isn’t a small issue for Shina to use his power.“Hey, I don’t mind a bit if you want to viciously chop me down with a sword, okay? It is forbidden to lend Zeno out.” Yun groaned in pain. Yun tells the two that he lost consciousness afterwards and when he woke up, Kija and Jeha had also disappeared since he didn’t see them around. If I go and look for them, perhaps Yona and Haku would have returned at that time so what to do.. Yun says that even if it seems that Shina isn’t aware of it but he took away Zeno.So, for the meantime, I cooked food and waited for the two of you to come back.” He holds a bowl of cooked rice. But because he lost consciousness, he doesn’t know where they went.Yona says that perhaps the others chased after them so they have to quickly catch up to them.

Jeha said that means if Shina fights against Zeno, the two would be a stalemate. I..” With a deadpan expression, Haku tells him to calm down because based on what he heard, it seems that they are having some sort of fun. Zeno wondered out loud what’s going on, is it possible that because Shina’s power doesn’t have an effect on him so the opposite reaction is also comparatively small. Yun asked how come the paralysis didn’t take effect. Flashback: Everyone is surprised when Shina suddenly stood up.Kija is surprised when Shina emits a pressuring power.

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This made everyone have a headache except for Zeno. Shina asked how come he can bear that kind of power.

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